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Re: Some questions about TIME
« on: August 22, 2021, 04:18:44 am »
Time is indeed the most misunderstood concept.

I copy paste this from Slim/Randy, he has a very good description.

As far as the difference between time breaking the past and just viewing the past. Look at it this way.
The universe is here now. But the illusion is that there is the past time and the present time. By viewing past and present at the same time you view both now, not then.

Ok so the difference between viewing the past and time-breaking the past ? To start with there is not just A difference there are many ways to see differences between the two . I'll point out one of the differences that should be pretty obvious.

Take a single past scene of you putting the car keys on the kitchen table . You consider it as a whole scene but it can be divided into a beginning and an end or as many time zones as you like . This creates an illusion of time .  When you view it all at once it again becomes as once again, unity .

There is no past , only the present.

If you view it all at the same time . There is only what is in front of you, and that is now .

Its easier said then done but once you fully get it  and can begin to or unless you begin to live your life in that manor you will forever be trapped in that consideration of past and present.

Considerations got you into this state and reevaluating the considerations will get you back to native state.

A past scene is a universe in it's own right . It's not really in the past , it's in a different location in space , over there someplace for you to see now , just like the car keys you have on the table in the kitchen. The keys are in the same time , but just because you don't see the keys does not mean they are not there.  Your attention is on the wall that blocks your view of the keys .

You put the keys there in the past but they are still there in the present . They are there in the future too if you care to consider them there for you to get at a later time .

Everything that was ever put anywhere is still there for you to view now . Your wife can view the keys too and so can anyone else. You too can view things that others have put into existence as well. If you move the keys to the bedroom you can still view the keys on the table and view the keys in the bedroom at the same time . This is where most people get lost .

You can view this whole life time as one past scene when you come up the line in ability . It's all there just as much as a past scene of you placing the keys on the table .

You need to consider yourself able to see your whole life as a past scene but first you must address considerations that are preventing you from doing that .

That's the catch 22 paradox. How can you become more able until you are more able .

You start with very small past scenes that you are able to view/know, and you work your way up in ability a little at a time. You get stronger and more determined as you go which in turn enables you to get even more ability and so on, see it ?

It's almost impossible to explain all at once . Just practice time breaking your so called past and know what it is you are doing as you do it

The consideration of the existence of the past is in many ways a lie . I've pointed out the most basic lie . That there is a past .

How is the past similar to the present ? They both exist in the same time. ( laughing )

Ok look, you can take a past scene and divide it into two parts , the beginning half and the end half .

It's only made into two parts by your consideration and as soon as you consider it whole you can view it as a whole.

As soon as you consider it having a beginning and an end it becomes that way for you .

You can divide it up into thousands of sections and place the sections in an order of percentages .  1 percent being the beginning and 49 percent the middle and 50 percent the end .

Use the car keys in the kitchen scene.

You've just created a mini universe made of you placing the car keys on the kitchen table .

Or you can just just view the whole scene at once.
The universe we all share here is no different, you can view the whole thing all at once when you consider you can do it.

It's a consideration just like any consideration.
You decide you want to view a scene and you view it , you decide you only want to view the first part of it only and you only view the first part

Or you decide you only want to view the last part of the scene and so you do.
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