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Re: Some questions about TIME
« on: August 23, 2021, 02:22:33 am »
I would like to comment on "))) I don't feel that I can. Nothing seems important. I cant pretend that some mental images are important for me. Perceptional RI is flat too."

First RI consists of 2 parts:
1. "create an importance"
2. "have another create an importance"

Remember, every importance is relative to any other thing and it is very easy to see importance's once you put out some needs/goals/purposes.

For command 1. see if you can do imagine this:

Want to fly to the moon as an astronaut!; it should be immediately clear that many "things" become important, space craft, space suit, physical training, mental preparation, food for the trip, oxygen supply, ground station with people computing the trajectory and giving you support, rocket fuel, a sunny day with good weather to take off, an objective to fulfil when landing on the moon like taking a ground sample, sample container to hold the ground sample, etc....

Need to get to the supermarket to buy food for the coming days?; spaghetti, meat balls, kale, spinach, carrots,
bicycle, clothes, bag, money or credit card, wallet, house keys, fridge, house, recipes (so you know what to buy)

For command 2. out there in the world there are many people making many things important:

Aikido dojo, different color belts, aikido teachers
F1 race track, F1 cars, competitions, top drivers, seasonal calendar with all locations
Scuba diving; course, nice location for diving, equipment, oxygen tanks, fish you want to see
Supermarket; all the food and things you can imagine, create them in abundance
Art Museum; beautiful paintings, statues, pottery, ....

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