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I would like to comment on "))) I don't feel that I can. Nothing seems important. I cant pretend that some mental images are important for me. Perceptional RI is flat too."
You dont need consider anything about it 

 Just TIME break what ever it is you  "  see "  or  " feel " in your mind.

They are like  " pop ups ". When it pops up , timebreak it out . . Its significance isnt important. The more significant it was at the time, the better off you will be when its gone today and tomorrow .
Likewise, The easier it is to time break out, the lesser result youll experience from its absence.

All you need to do is run the commands on L4 and L5  and time break what ever pops up , even if you have no idea what its significance is or was . When one level goes flat , move to the next .  It would move to the next level on its own most of the time on both L4 and 5.

The more mental mass we timebreak out , the easier it will become to timebreak even more latter on,  but you need to run  EFFECTIVE  RI, not just RI. ........... EFFECTIVE RI.

I time broke more mental mass soldity on L3 than I did on L4 and L5 . I used L4 and 5 to get the rest of what I didnt get on L3.

WE arnt all the same and trom isnt going to work the same for all of us.

 Peel the onion from the outside, inwards, a little at a time and TB what ever you can get when ever you can get it and take a win on it . Run RI,  wait a few days and continue.

Dennis described the 5 levels for the  " average " person to do them and the correct gradient for the  " average " person . NOT all people who use it will experience the same gradients. Some will have bigger or lesser gradients going thru the levels. 

Some of us will fly through far easier and faster, while others will grind thru it and do nothing when it grinds to a hault. Many will just walk away , never to return .

It worked well for me and im going to start at L2,  and thru L5  again to see what new material I can find.
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