Author Topic: Some questions about TIME  (Read 115 times)


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Re: Some questions about TIME
« on: August 23, 2021, 06:41:44 pm »
Considerations got you into this state and reevaluating the considerations will get you back to native state.

You need to consider yourself able to see your whole life as a past scene but first you must address considerations that are preventing you from doing that .

That's the catch 22 paradox. How can you become more able until you are more able .

You start with very small past scenes that you are able to view/know, and you work your way up in ability a little at a time. You get stronger and more determined as you go which in turn enables you to get even more ability and so on, see it ?

That info helped me. I started to work on considirations that prevent me from viewing past clearly and stable. And my visio started to improve.
Thank you! :)

Remember, every importance is relative to any other thing and it is very easy to see importance's once you put out some needs/goals/purposes.

For command 1. see if you can do imagine this:

Want to fly to the moon as an astronaut!

Creative RI doesnt work for me))).
If I make a goal to reach the moon - nothing becomes imortant:
space craft = not important - smart responsible guys( scientists ) make perfect spacecraft for me, its not important,
space suit = not important - guys make perfect space suit for me, its not important, i trust them))
physical training = not important - guys will train me well, its not a problem :)
I cant dramatize all of this.