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Hello again TROMers and TROMer newbies,

It's been awhile since I wrote and posted my series "TROM for Non-Scientologists" under my old user I.D. "The Closet Trom-er" and I wanted to share some more insights into understanding TROM if you are a Non-Scientologist or a Scientologist wanting to present TROM to their friends.

So here is an addendum installment for those whom, despite my attempts to clarify the materials, still don't quite get it.


That's the first thing I want to say.  And the reason I say this is not because I want you to just dismiss it, but more so because I do understand that it can be overwhelming.

Despite my auditor training, and despite my having been a course supervisor at one time, I had my own struggle understanding TROM.  Part of it had to do with the way the materials were presented, and part of it had to do with my Scientology indoctrination that discouraged me from studying and practicing anything else other than L Ron Hubbard's works.

But I persisted, and only after having read through all the published TROM materials twice, and having done a couple hundred hours of TROM therapy on myself did I truly grasp it.

Was it worth the trouble?


Understand that TROM was developed by a Scientologist and is best understood in the context of Scientology.  The person who understands auditing the best will understand TROM the best at the start.

If you have trouble understanding the materials, or doing the exercises, and despite all the clarifications you still don't get it, there is another on-ramp to the subject that I have yet to mention in my series.

The book Self-Analysis by L Ron Hubbard is a book that is intended for those who have no previous knowledge of the subject.  This is an excellent book to read and use and contains a very simple but effective auditing technique in it.  Not only will one get benefits from the processes themselves, but also develop the discipline and feel of tackling one's own mind solo.

Another book that can also be used solo is called Handbook for Preclears by L Ron Hubbard.  It is a more advanced book.  I recommend you try Self Analysis first.

Both options are good for people who want to learn about Scientology and get some benefits from it without having to get involved with the Church.  Some Scientologists who have been denied auditing by the Church use these books.

They are NOT a substitute for TROM.  The processes are not as potent.  They have the advantage of being easier to understand.  You can use one or both of those books and then attempt TROM again afterwards, and I believe you may have an easier time of it.

That's all for now.

Happy TROMing everyone!

Best Regards,

formerly "The Closet TROM-er"

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