Author Topic: The Development of TROM lecture transcript WITH GLOSSARY  (Read 532 times)


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The Development of TROM lecture transcript WITH GLOSSARY
« on: October 19, 2019, 05:33:59 pm »
Hi Trommers!

When I was a Trom newbie I had this ambitious project of putting together materials for the laymen to be better able to understand TROM.  Under my old ID "Closet Trom-er" (now guest54) I put out a series of posts called "TROM for Non-Scientologists" and also a glossary for the currently published "TROM a Games Manual" as the one included with the book fell short of defining every term, and was too complex for laymen to understand.

When I contacted Pete on this forum about these matters, he suggested I make a TROM technical dictionary.  This is something that may eventually see the light of day.

THAT SAID, in the meantime, why not start proofreading the individual lectures, and include glossaries for them? I thought to myself.  That way, if and/or when I do all the lectures, I can just compile a technical dictionary from the sum of those glossaries.

THIS would be a better way to go about it, as I complete smaller cycles of action I can move toward the larger one. 

As always, Peter, you are more than welcome to update your site with my glossary, and these proofread transcripts.

The lecture itself can be found here:

Attached to this posting is the transcript.  You must be a member to download it.

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