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Missing lecture from website and where to find it
« on: February 18, 2020, 11:07:38 am »
If you are interested in listening to the level 5D lectures but run into this on the website like I did,
where it says:

Level 5D set of lectures
The following lectures are a set showing Dennis's development of level 5D of TROM.
03 and 04 are the final how to of Bond Breaking and 05 is an interesting addendum.
01-Level 6-Bonding 21Mar93.mp3 82 megabyte
02-Relationships-Bonding 21 Feb 94.mp378 megabyte
03-Bond Breaking 1 Sept 94.mp344 megabyte
04-Independence 8 Nov 94.mp37.9 megabyte
 Right click to download these 128Kb/sec files
01 Level 6 Bonding.doc
01 Level 6 Bonding.PDF
02 Relationships Bonding. doc
02 Relationships Bonding.pdf
03 Bond Breaking.doc
03 Bond Breaking.pdf
04 Independence.doc
04 independence.pdf

-You may scratch your head wondering why it says there are five lectures when there are only four listed.
I found the missing lecture, if you scroll down the page you will see it listed here

Level 2 after level 5.mp3
After completeing level 5A, 5B, 5C and 5D of TROM Dennis states that you can run level 2 again to good advantage.
Level 2 after Level 5.doc
Level 2 after Level 5.pdf

HOWEVER,  I have found when I try to click on that lecture, I get a “page not available”

If you want to listen to all five lectures, go to this site:

You will see all five lectures for level 5D listed in order and you will be able to download that missing lecture.
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