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TROM for Non-Scientologists Closing Note
« on: March 29, 2019, 02:14:11 am »
Closing note
Thank you for reading my series “TROM for Non-Scientologists”.  As always, if you have any comments or questions regarding the material, post a reply on the forum and I will address it.  If I get enough replies, and I deem it necessary, I will make one or more installments.
My last bits of advice for the NON-Scientologist in studying TROM are as follows:
-Take the trouble to read Scientology the Fundamentals of Thought by L Ron Hubbard if you want a smoother ride studying Dennis Stephens’ materials.
-Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health by L Ron Hubbard is also a good read, but you can safely skip it if you have time constraints.
-Dennis Stephens does have sections of his work that use Boolean Algebra.  As he says in the “Logical Note” chapter of “TROM a Games Manual” this section can be glossed over.  I personally don’t have a perfect understanding of Boolean Algebra and when I read the books I just pay as much attention as I can to the English, not the formulas, and I still understand and can practice TROM.  NOT UNDERSTANDING BOOLEAN ALGEBRA WILL NOT HINDER DOING TROM EXERCISES AT ALL.
-The exercises are more important than the theory.   Get started on the exercises as soon as you can, as long as you understand the exercises themselves.  Keep studying the theory concurrently to doing the exercises until you get it.
-Educate yourself in Scientology and practice TROM once you have learned it.  When doing TROM therapy, do TROM only and revert to Scientology if you need to.  For example, don’t go trying to handle level two stuff with meditation, the Sedona Method, EST or any other stuff like that.  I am not criticizing those practices, just heavily advising you NOT to mix practices.

The Problem with Scientology
The problem with Scientology is not with the theory or practice of Hubbard’s auditing techniques.  It is with the high cost of Scientology services.
The problem with TROM
The more you understand Scientology, the better you will understand TROM.  The best way to understand Scientology is to get auditor training from the Church.  BUT the Church will most certainly try to talk you out of doing TROM if that is your plan, i.e. to become auditor trained and then practice TROM.
This is because of a policy letter L Ron Hubbard Wrote called “Keeping Scientology Working”.  In it he calls those who alter the Scientology techniques “squirrels” and warns of all the dangers of what happens when you alter Scientology.  On one hand, I understand LRH for writing this.  Bad things were happening when others tried to alter the technology and run weird auditing processes on each other after class.
On the other hand, because Scientology can only be practiced per L Ron Hubbard, and L Ron Hubbard is deceased, the Scientology technology is now a technology that does not move forward.  Therefore, the more the years go by, Scientology becomes more of a religion and less of a technology, because technologies, should and always do move forward, whereas religions don’t.
I’ve looked into several alternatives to Scientology processing as I was denied auditing by the Church.  The ONLY one I trust is Dennis Stephens’ TROM therapy, not only because of his impressive credentials, but also how much his materials make sense to me, and lastly how much TROM therapy has benefited me (I am currently in the middle of level 4 and loving it!  The “ruin” or problem I had in life that initially interested me in Scientology was finally handled with TROM, after years and years of trying to handle it with Scientology).
If you are a former Scientologist who practices TROM please forward my materials to your Non-Scientologist friends who wish to know more about TROM and emphasize to them that my work is NOT a substitute for Dennis’ materials.  Help them understand.  Forward their questions they have to me once you have answered them so I can make a better “Pre-TROM” writing for this forum.
If you are a Non-Scientologist and need clarification on certain points of my write-up and/or Dennis’ works, please forward your questions to me or to someone who practices TROM as opposed to a member of the Church of Scientology proper.  The “official” Church of Scientology does NOT want you to practice TROM.
That said, if you’ve looked over everything and Scientology interests you more than TROM does, then I will respect your convictions.  Some people would prefer formal training, someone else delivering processing to them, and having a large community of like-minded people that the Scientologists have. I have no personal stake in the matter of you becoming a Scientologist or a TROM-er.  I only want you to make an informed decision.
That’s all for now.  I am currently working on a comprehensive glossary of terms for TROM a Games Manual but give me some time as this is quite a job.
With the best of wishes and the greatest respect,
The Closet TROM-er

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Re: TROM for Non-Scientologists Closing Note
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2019, 07:17:51 am »
Thank you for taking the trouble to write these posts, which contain so much that will be helpful to people trying to understand TROM without a background in scientology or dianetics.

For example, I like your definition of insanity as "not only in a no-win situation, but he can’t even assume an identity that would end the game".

It's true that anyone wanting to use TROM can skip the sections on Boolean algebra; Dennis included these to show the theoretical basis of the exercises and he explains everything in English as well.  Better to skip than to leave them as misunderstoods. However... since reading his work introduced me to Boolean and other sorts of mathematical logic, I've found this is one of the major pleasures of life. Much better than games like chess, tiddlywinks or sex.

BTW, I've been keeping a working glossary of TROM terms - if you'd like a copy, I'm tathatajnana "at"


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Re: TROM for Non-Scientologists Closing Note
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2019, 01:19:41 am »
Anyone who is having difficulty using trom can message me.