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Re: TROM for Non-Scientologists Part Two
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Well, the reactive mind does not create or postulate anything on its own.  So while all the other levels mimic the reactive mind, I don't believe level one's intent is to do that.
That said, the theories don't need to be believed for the practical to work, and therefore if you have a theory about it of your own, it won't harm your processing one bit I suppose.
I am terribly glad -someone- is reading my posts, so thank you and survivor for not only that but acknowledging too.
As I see it, there's a terrible danger of TROM vanishing into obscurity given how the books are presented, and the evidence of so few members on this forum, and so little mention of it on the internet.  There's only a handful of reviews on Amazon for all the books even.
I intend to change that, and the first step is making TROM accessible to Non-Scientologists.  Scientology is a minority religion, and even then, only a very tiny amount of people are going to deviate from it  then only a small amount of those people are going to practice TROM . We are indoctrinated on the Keeping Scientology Working policy letter that tries to scare us out of our minds for even contemplating practicing anything but L Ron Hubbard's Technology.  I have to keep my practice of TROM secret just to keep my friends and business contacts.  Even I only got into it because I was denied auditing by the Church.
Thanks for responding.
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