Author Topic: How I Learned to Love the Jab  (Read 117 times)


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How I Learned to Love the Jab
« on: November 14, 2021, 04:02:46 pm »
I need to go to the library to study and practice Trom. I could not enter the library anymore without getting the "vaccine passport". I had been reading up on all the known and suspected items in the serum, and I took each item and searched for "Autophagy and ______". I gained confidence the body intelligence can flush out or dis-assemble whatever does not serve it. Autophagy for maximum intensity is induced by dryfasting, which I am well practiced at.

The first injection of serum gave the body something to work through, which it did.  The second injection was without issue body-wise. With the second injection I was not able to dryfast and instead drank lots of 9.5pH Kangen water, took L-Lysine, and Oxy-Powder, and upped my eating of ripe fruits, such as organic strawberries (good Vit C).

I'm not trying to live forever or re-engage on this playing field - I just want to complete Level Five and then figure out what is my next step.

I viewed this pandemic scene as an exercise in going complementary, or, as a must be known would do - out-create the situation.  Hubbard talked about out-creating, and I'm sure there are even better ways to surf the waves of serenity in this current scene.