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Re: The Fantastic Fabian Method
« on: September 05, 2014, 02:32:51 pm »
7. Did you ever have your cellphone near some audio gear, some hifi or loudspeakers? The funny sound that is generated in such a situation have been heard by most people owning a cellphone. It wasn't meant to happen and was not really foreseen by the designers. Well, it so happens that these two different types of equipment use the same kind of signals, electro magnetic stuff. So one of them will pick up some signals from the other and wrongly interpret it. Audio type gadgets were never meant to do this, but sh!t happens.

Ok, did you ever own a human body that picked up attitudes from a nearby spirit? The spirit I'm talking about is of course YOU. It so happens that the body of the human ape runs on attitudes too, among other things like emotions, sensations and effort. An attitude is just one of many flavours of something called POSTULATES, other well known flavours are CONSIDERATIONS and DECISIONS and PURPOSES. About 30 different ones have been isolated, there are probably more than 50.
Sensations, efforts, postulates and postulate-like mechanisms make your heart beat and cells grow and run the machinery that digest your food. They do everything, and the body's inherent postulates are complex stuff that one shouldn't mess with. It is really none of your business to tamper with things you don't understand and never will. Well, you can lift your arm or make the body run across the street and that's ok. The human body is a good natured beast that would do such things anyway, so he doesn't really care if you use your own postulates on him for a while. He actually gets a lot of fun experiences and sensations when he is controlled by a cool spirit like you.

But it so happens that you are not always cool. Sometimes a spirit like you is depressed or in a sh!tty mood or gets influenced by even more degraded people than yourself. So you think negative thoughts for a while. That is no real problem, but don't make a habit out of it. It takes some time, but gradually your body will pick up your negative vibes. Remember, you both run on the same types of signals just like the cellphone and audio gear. Your body is not smart enough to tell the difference of where the signals are coming from.

The human body can keep on working for 120 years, but we are talking big variations both ways. Take a look at the early stuff in the Old Testament, the 120 years thing is mentioned there plus a lot of guys that had a good time for several hundred years. Maybe they had other things to do than think of death and destruction. Today we are lucky to make it past 80, we have too many stupid CONSIDERATIONS and sh!t happens.
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