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Re: The Fantastic Fabian Method
« on: September 09, 2014, 05:30:12 am »
The word ITEM is from a Scio auditing action called "Listing and nulling". I will give you an example:
A session is in progress and it has been established that the PC has romantic type problems that he has lots of attention on. The auditor tests several questions on the e-meter and decides that the most charged one is "Why do your wives always leave you?"
So he gets the PC to come up with different answers to it while he notes down the reads.

I'm not rich
I have bad breath
I'm a technically poor lover
I have poor taste in clothes
I get angry too often
I'm a nerd
Women are generally bad

These different answers are called ITEMS.
At the end of the action the auditor will give the PC the ITEM that had the biggest read. Sometimes the ITEM is wrong.
Sometimes it will be very obvious and the PC will not accept the item, but it happens too that he accepts something that is not correct in his case.
Then he is in trouble.

But a "Listing an nulling" action can happen in life too, one can walk around asking oneself these things and come up with answers that might be wrong.
People do it all the time, but it has to be a charged area to produce trouble..
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