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Re: The Fantastic Fabian Method
« on: September 09, 2014, 06:08:35 am »
Ok, I found a few more things that I do (or don't do) regarding my physical body.

9. I take Potassium pills when it is hot in the summer. Working a few weeks in Los Angeles I learned about this as my own country is a colder place.
I have also started to take "cell salts" which also have been very effective. I'm not sure about the theory behind it, but I don't care because it works.

10. I have learned to have a good relationship with my body's GE (genetic entity). Earlier on I thought it was only about me and the physical body, but there is actually another guy present too. It's a bit like being in a car with 2 drivers, but the other guy (the GE) is more like a mechanic or a janitor. Still he can occationally grab the wheel, and he is mostly the guy in charge when I sleep and when some healing is going on. He is actually doing maintenance on the body all the time and I have found out a little about how he works. Like many effective janitors he is a kind of rough an impatient personality, things should be done NOW.
So in a healing process he will not wait around for me to eat something he needs, he will take it from somewhere else in the body. This can be unpleasant but now I know the reason, this guy knows what he is doing. Given time and materials he can do impressive repair work on the body as he has his priorities all worked out.
Getting in communication with the GE can be good, he is not a very polite guy but he feels better when he knows you are aware of his presence and his work. He does not talk, but one can get an impression about what he wants. Often it can be something like "why don't you eat your minerals, you idiot?"
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