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what's life ?
« on: October 01, 2019, 08:34:16 pm »

Completion ETA is about 4 weeks away
1.    Yin/Yang
2.    The Torus ( in progress )

The full white to black 8 color spectrum :
The 5 dimensions :
The number 1 :
Absolutes :
Heaven and Earth :
Life and body death : 
The creator of everything and everyone.

The +/- attribute list --- A practical section done solo or not .:
Viewing the hologram , a practical demonstration done solo:

                                                                 Page 1

                Who hasn't heard of YIN/YANG or at least seen its white and black symbol ?

  Yang/Yin means >positive + / - negative <  in the chinese language so from now on i'm going to use +/-  , YY and Positive Negative as a reference in body of text .

     I refer to them as YANG /YIN or +/- because ALL positive attributes come from YANG and move towards its YIN the same way > Origin moves towards its Receipts or a cause moves towards its effects. It's a flow > that can be found with every polarity that exists. You will Never find POSITIVE in receipt or a Negative as an ORIGIN . No exceptions. IF you think you can , its an illusion hiding its reality. Even a single particle has +/- poles and 120 sides to be exact. No more and no less.

   All positive attributes have THEIR negative pole. I say THEIR because you can't mix and or unmatch them. In other words Yes has its NO and up and its down . You don't use no as the negative for up and you don't use the negative pole of down with YES. Its yes /no and up/down . The word KNOW is the positive half for NOT KNOW  used to bring things into or out of existence and the 4 basic abilities. Self is the Positive leg of OTHERS and Negative is the negative leg for POSITIVE. Everything has two legs. + or -. There is no third leg . If you find one, let me know. You cant take ANYTHING of of existence until its first broth into existence and there are no exceptions .  ALL positive attributes come first and all negatives come after no matter what the POS or Neg poles may be . 
   Yang yin is universal in that it uses a positive and negative polarity for everything. When you get well into the understanding of YY, you'll notice that there is only a single Yang but MANY MANY MANY forms of YIN that all come from the same single YANG sourse. I call it SOURCE energy . It's the ONLY unified dimension with only 1 side. ( more on this latter )

Positive = unity and its negative poles are duality.
Nirvana = unity and 1ness with all life and its negative poles are opposition and confliction .

   The Tao Te Ching Dao ( meaning  " the way" ) religions are of no use unless you really want to make a huge mess of the subject. Te Ching uses "soft" as a neg attribute and "hard" as a positive . Yellow as a primary positive color and red as a neg color. These are just a couple. You can disregard all of it and should. It's a complete mess of confusion. There are many others like these.

 Races and religions are all polarized, white, blacks, Irish, Italians, Mexicans, Asians,Turkish, Indians, Greeks , Abriginese , Africans, Australians, Germans, Polish, Jewish, etc etc etc. We live in mixture of spectrums that use the white to black spectrum polarities as its template. everything is polarized . Some of then are easy to spot and collapse into a unified spectrum and others are not. Start with the easy ones 1st . ( more on this in the practical section. )
  The best way to get a good understanding of polarity is to start fresh and get it all sorted out from scratch like i've done and will show you how to do yourself. I'll save you a lot of time.

  Im petty sure you'll find it useful on many practical levels too. It will require some close attention . Some illusions are very HARD to find and vanish . The pay off is as good as they are hard to find and vanish once found to the same degree. My telling you about it won't be enough. You've got to finish L5 or be pretty free of mental mass and weight to "see" it for yourself. I probably never would have with using TROM.

    +/- have criteria. POSITIVE comes first and NEG comes last and there are absolutely no exceptions . NONE. If you think you've found one , you're not looking at where it came from correctly.
    You always use the POSiTIVE pole and ITs Negative half as a single unit. YES/NO is a single unit. Self / others are a single unit.   They are inseparable just like UP/down. It's all your own judgment and intuition . Its all I used when I began to sort it all out and it's all I use today. Don't take anyone's word for it even if you think they know better. You must sort them out yourself. You can take my word for THAT.

    I use polarity as a language because polarity is universal and transcends ALL languages, all subjects, all music and sounds, sights, smells, tastes, feelings, emotions, and densities everything and everyone. There is NOTHING in the universe it doesn't transcend in every way. If you look close enough, you'll notice that fact of life too.

    Nod your head up and down means yes or nod your head left and right means no . Its universal no matter what language you speak and its where all language began . A smile is a positive : ) and its negative is a frown : ( .....

    Yes / no,  is +/- smile / frown is +/-. everything and everyone has a set of 2. Some use the word Gender. Everything has a gender of male female. Heaven and earth are a gender Heaven is the Father and earth is the mother. These are like Jr goals to the basic goals to know. They can get you into trouble fast if not very well understood. ALL negatives come from their positive pole and when you use father and mother, it doesn't work. Mothers don't come from fathers. FEMALES do come from males and GEO does come from BIO . Its male >+ -< female not father mother. This is why Dennis insists on using the basic goal to know and to stay on that the whole way .

    This is why we use + and - as the basic set .  Father and mother ARE gender plarities ONLY. The male female gender.  Did mother earth come from the heavenly Father  ? absolutely yes. Did the father come first ? YES. and the mother 2nd . Be alert to semantics. Sty with the +/- set .
    Positive energy flows outwards from nowhere, it is everywhere there is space , it's perfectly flat, single sided , without any mass and density. Its invisible to see, feel, touch, smell, taste, and hear. Its as fast as fast can be . its so fast , its instant and has NO TIME. It can not be remembered or recorded even if you were fast enough to get a glimpse of it somehow.

    As soon as pure 100% positivity happens,  it's over with before you have a chance to even know it ever happened.  Its location in space and is everywhere there is space. Its 1 dimensional only. In cant be known because its not there to be known the same way we know "things "that can be known . It can be noticed when in contrast to its negative pole and that's as close to knowing it as we'll ever get .
  + energy !!! Its lifes 1st creation and life's ONLY creation . EVERYTHING else is GENERATED. No exceptions.  Space and time are a pole set and energy and matter are another pole set. YOU MUST have space before any time can exist and you must have energy to generate matter. Hence ENERGY +/- Matter , SPACE and TIME.
Space +   and time its neg pole
Energy + and matter its neg pole

  Pure Positive energy has no color and must be represented as "white " when illustrating its location in text or computer. ALL colors originate from it and are received by its black negative pole .

  Its Origin towards receipt . IT ONLY FLOWS IN 1 DIRECTION > no exceptions. Receipt NEVER flows out and origin never flows IN. They must trade places to perform opposite roles and then they become origin and receipt again, by trading places . See PFCC regarding an effect.

    Positive's negative pole draws positive energy inwards 360 degrees spherical and it can be seen felt smelt tasted and heard . It has a location of ANYWHERE but not everywhere. Its cold , hard, round, and has 5 dimensions with 120 sides. Unlike its positive origin which only has a single dimension and a single side.
  Negative is the receipt of all origins and positive is the origin of all receipts. It's also as black as black can get . It's a perfect 360 globe in its absolute state of existence.

 Its an absolute in that its perfectly 360 degrees around and as black as black can get . It's also as hard as hard can get . Everything sticks to it and once stuck, it can only be vanished with positive outward energy . OBJECTIVE  / subjective TIME BREAKING.  It's the " onion " that must be peeled away from the outside inwards to arrive at the solid CORE of the mind.

  There is no 259 degree, or a 360.009, or 361,  or higher degree  in existence anywhere and there is also no exceptions to this truth . ITS ABSOLUTE. Who ever said absolutes don't exist has some more mental mass to clear . They are mistaken in some way. LIFE, has no absolutes but life is not a "thing" or a noun. The word Theatan is hog wash. There arent any ghosts or seperated spiritual beings, theatans, Saint Judes , mother Marys, Arthurian councils or Paladins who come from outer space from distant galaxies. No Martians or Reptilian warlords  that go bump in the night and the only black beings are beings that are of the material world. They  have black or darkness that can be seen about their physical bodies and around their faces. My Next door neighbors are black beings. Black beings are not spiritual beings. There is only 1 spiritual being and it has no color or mass . It's the creators spiritual being who generates color and mass.

  When the body dies , the soul doesn't leave the body, rather its the body that leaves the soul.  . When the body dies, Its the body that leaves the soul known as THE 1.  or unity.

  I've scoured the internet looking for duality experts and none of them come close to knowing its pure true nature and understanding . Its either garbage or fluff.  All I need do is ask a few simple questions on the subject and I get wrong or no answers .  THATS why its a must to learn all this on your own using the correct criteria.
   Life is the constant and our life form bodies are not. When we die, all of our memory dies with it as if we were never born . Life has plenty more life forms to tend to and new bodies are being born every minute . The loss of a body in the eyes of life has no significance , especially when there are new ones being born to replace them all . There may a few of us who have significance in the eyes of the creator but not all of us.

    The only past lives we have and can address are our parents lives and their parents and their parents . When we die , the DNA of our parents within us dies too unless we have children . Life doesn't do the remembering , life just knows or not knows and all goals lead to that single goal to know. They all come from a single goal of to know as well . The being who has the goal to know is the same being who has the goal to be known . Self and others are the same spiritual being. The creator of everything and every one. This was my goal to know when I began using TROM and my goal has been accomplished.

   Life has no body . Life is the creator of all spiritual and physical life forms, imagined or real. Life has no poles but if it did , it would be the positive transparent pole of pure positive energy known as the 1st dimension. It's as close to being the creator as it gets. The positive pole on its own is total freedom of choice. There is no freedom more free-er than total freedom of choice. Its the 1st dimension. Its opposite pole called negative has no freedom of choice . Its stuck and has no motion at all . Like a 360 cold black motionless orb or perfectly round 360 degree sphere. It has a definite shape of a sphere and none other in its absolute state. A triangle is a 360 sphere as well .but the globe sphere is the most absolute. A 360 degree cube is a sphere   The shape of 360 has no basis. IT'S the 360 degrees of an object that we are addressing here and nothing else.

 The positive pole is where all negative poles originate from . There aren't multiple positive poles but I do use positive as a plural to describe its negative poles. When I use the word POSITIVE , Its always singular . Even if it has an "s" after it .

Up / down
left / right
real / fake
male  / female
Day / night
Yes  / no

up, left. real, male , day and yes are all a single 1 dimensional pole. It's everywhere.
Down right fake female , night and no are all multiple poles.     Its anywhere. Ok  ?

   Take a white piece of paper and put some black ( ......... ) dot periods on it. The white paper is the positive space pole located everywhere and the black  ( .......  ) dots are its negative poles.
We live on the negative half of heaven + and earth - where duality runs rampant .

 The + white paper is "everywhere" ( not just anywhere ) and the black Neg dots are "anywhere " (not everywhere )   

The white paper is unity and NIRVANA ,  the black dots are its neg physical and mental mass poles.

Positive is unified . Negative is dualized. There's only 2 or many many many 2's

   Yes + is unified and complementary . NO - is dualized and conflicting.

  Even if two people both agree to say no regarding a subject. They are BOTH in conflict with the subject. Even if the subject is all wrong , they are still in opposition to the origin of the person who is claiming it to be right. If they all agree that the wrong subject is right, then it's all complementary and positive about a subject that is WRONG ( not right ) TROM L5 will straighten all that out for you and you should use L5 ASAP.

  Anyone whos well into TROM, gets what i'm saying . The subject has no relevance to complementary and conflicting goals desires postulates . If both parties agree the earth is a globe, then it's all complementary , even if the globe is not actually a globe.

  If one says flat and the other says globe , then it's a matter of conviction between the two in conflict. Complementary is a unified positive and confliction is its negative duality pole. 

  You may be thinking that there is " no way "are you going to be able to know which is POS and which is NEG . Especially when Im claiming that they exist in everything and everyone. There's gotta be trillions and trillions of Neg legs and you'd be very correct. DOn't worry . You wont need to. Start with the big easy ones first until you have gone as far as possible .

  It's not that complicated and when you understand it, you'll notice that all negative poles reduce into the total of 5 dimensions and all of them come from the 1st dimension of pure clear 100% positive SOURCE energy . It may not seem that way so far .  Keep reading forward. You can always review this page later on and it will make more sense when you do .

Next up ...... The TORUS.
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Page 2 the Torus
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2019, 09:39:21 am »
                                                                 page 2
                                                             The TORUS

The horn Torus is a 5 dimensional version of the white / black YY symbol. The TAIJITU or TAIJI. The black and white symbol is missing the 3rd dimension . Its collapsed and has no tinted colors and no motion . Just black and white and fixed in place in a 360 degree circle.

  The same Torus above and in my avatar demonstrates  all 5 dimensions with all primary positive and negative colors in motion except for BLACK. It's the same as the White and Black YY symbol with all 5 dimensions in view and in motion .
  If you look closely , you'll notice BLACK is stationary and there's a central area that is clear or transparent in the center and has no tinted colors.   

   There are 8 in total,  White( aka clear) blue, green, red, yellow, magenta , cyan and black . Since we cannot see clear , we use the background color of white as its representation for "clear " CLEAR is the positive host for all other Positive and negative colors. ( more on this latter in the color spectrum section on page 3

  ( CLEAR ) white , blue , green ,red, yellow, agenta , cyan and black. = 8

 There are no curved lines in the above TORUS. EVERY curved line we see is an illusion. Not just with the above Torus computer GIF, but everything in life. EVERYTHING we see and feel , has 6 sides at 60 degree angles which generates a 360 degree illusion. We don't see white . We only see the absence of color in "white "

  The Torus as a whole only moves in a single direction and every single direction in motion generates every other opposing direction and motion.  In other words, every single line you see is moving in an opposite direction to every other single line at the exact same time in space. It's a space and time generator with a positive energy host that generates solid matter and its in everything and everyone no matter how large or small. ENERGY is created and everything else is Generated. Everything we see , feel, taste . smell and hear is generated from a positive CREATED source.
    A Line is one of 6 straight lines , joined at 60 degree angles to all other lines . 6 x 60 = 360 degrees forming a hexagram .

  The upper vortex represents the white dot on the YY symbol and the lower vortex represents the black dot in the YY symbol. White is + and black is Neg. NEGRO means black in the dictionary.

  The black pole of a car battery is neg and its pos pole red.  Current flows from red towards black and black is used as the common pole . Lighting is white and earth ground is it neg pole. Lighting strikes in both directions . Up towards black " cosmos "and down towards earth ground.

The positulate failure cycle chart regarding an effect reveals the Torus with its center point between levels 4 and 5 where the valence shift occurs on the chart .

The colors of the Torus are as follows :

1.WHITE ( clear )

----------------valence shift between 4 and 5 on the PFCC


1-4 are clockwise motions and 5-8 are counter clockwise motions

( but wait , you said black is stationary and has no motion. )

  I did and it stands true . The Negative leg of positive energy has no motion .
We are not using colors as density in this example. Colors represent many different things and are used in many different ways to describe life and games play, polarity, temperature, sounds , tastes, smells EVERYTHING. The colors are absolutes and apply to everything and every one . Up and down are represented as white and black . Peace and war is represented by white and black . Moving and stationary is represented as white and black . Rare and dense, = white and black . Instant and stop.

  The clockwise and counterclockwise do not travel or move in separated directions. Its one contioniouse single line that moves in a figure 8 motion known as infinity. If you draw a figure 8 on paper , you start the line at the top and move the pencil clockwise , down ,

 Then counterclockwise, down, Then CC , up and finally clockwise, Up to the top.  The person or persons who have the goal to know is the same person or persons who create the goal to know. Its starts at the top and ends at the top.

  The COS imitation crop circle has a Torus shape too . It's a man made formation and easy to see its huge imperfections.  It's a perfect representation of the COS' imperfections. Its where they store all their " precious freedom factory materials ". underground. They deserve a proper burial too. The deeper the better. It needs a RIP solid black tombstone to make it complete.

The Torus has 8 colors .

white blue green red are 1-4 and all positive.
Yellow, magenta, cyan and black and 5-8 all negatives.

1-4 are the positive motions and 5 -8 are its negative motions.

We use "white " as mentioned above to represent CLEAR because we cant see clear. We can only see objects of matter around or within it .

We can see the positive colors of the Torus in the clear air, white clouds, blue skies, green plantlife and red LAVA.

We can see all opposing motions of the TORUS in the way our Human and animal life forms as well.

  If you google " happy people " on google, goto images and you'll see the TORUS shape come to life .  goto google/ images/ enter  "happy people " and press enter.
   Switch to "angry people" images and you see  a lot of very stiff faces and solidity in their body and fingers. It's a stuck sensation in contrast to a pleasant fluid sensation of being in the state of happiness. WIDE OPEN round mouths. The vibe feels as negative as it looks.

The Torus moves in all opposite directions all at the same time and in a single direction that forms a single figure 8 .

When we walk or run , our left and right arms move in opposite direction to each other and our legs move in opposite directions to each other and our arms and legs all move in opposite directions to each other. EXACTLY like the Torus.

If you we to stand at the equator between the north and south , you'll see the stars in the night sky move in a counter clockwise direction in the north and Counter Clockwise to the south of you . I'm going to use CW and CCW for these two directions from now on .

  If we raise our arms above our heads in a V, pattern and walk this way , you'll still be able to observe a CC and CCW set of opposite motions . Its actually a twisting motion like wringing out water with both hands from a wet washcloth.

  The upper vortex is the positive vortex and the lower vortex is its negative vortex.

  Our arms represent the upper and our legs the lower. Our heads which have all 5 senses represent POLARIS. The northern star that is CONSTANT. When we walk or run , our head doesnt twist . Its also constant.

When we move in a forward direction , we move fast or slow and oppositely symmetric and very efficient and positive.

When we walk or run in a backwards motion its awkward and clumsy , inefficient and negative.

Every THING without any exceptions has signs of the shape of a TORUS. The human heart , a butterfly and many others. Even the smallest particle has this shape. We see it in Galaxies in the cosmos too .

We see the spiral in the hair patterns on the tops of our heads.

Star trails time lapse with polaris in its center top

The difference between the northern startrails and the southern Star Trails are the star locations and the southern cross in the south center with Polaris in the north center and they rotate in opposite directions.

 They also have no parallax over time. They don't ever change locations. Only the Sun moon and planets change.

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The Torus ( author )
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Re: what is life ?
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2019, 02:30:12 pm »
                                                                      Page 3.
                                                               The 5 dimensions

   There are only 5 dimensions in the torus universe. Time is not one of them . I know it says it is in the games manual but Dennis never resolved the dimensions. At least not before he finished writing his BOOK. He used the standard of Physics Definition and its flawed.

    Time is the negative pole of its positive origin called space. They are two poles of same item just like up is to down . Its an illusion and when the illusion is vanished, the reality of that ilusion is revealed and will collapse and resolve the instant you reveal it.  It was The games manual that help me resolve the illusion so its not a big mistake on his part. When we observe all space at once , the illusion of time will vanish and no time will elapse.  You'll find a reference to this in the games manual. I've read the book over a hundred times but I don't use memory or remember the way most people do anymore. Memories are STUCK mental mass impressions of the past. There are no future events in the memory storage area. . We can know the past better than we can by using memories of the past. You're better off knowing the past and future. The past is the negative pole of the Future. Its positive origin. It requires time to view a space from the start towards its finish . Time is shorter if you view the start to finish fast and time is longer if you view the start to finish slower. Viewing the whole item or space between start and finish vanishes time completely for the illusion it is . Space will vanish with it because you must have both poles of an item in order for it to exist and there aren't any exceptions to this rule.

So onto the real 5 dimensions of energy matter space and time.

It's going to start fairly simple and become a little more complicated as I explain using multiplication. Simple is easy to understand and know. Complicated is the negative pole of simple and it's NOT easy to understand or know. You'll understand the 3 spatial and 2 dimensional dimensions ok byt eh crop formation images may not be as easy . Don't worry . You can always return to this page later and it will make more sense when you do .

  My mathematical explanations using the crop formations as visual examples give me some credibility, almost as if I were the one making the crop formations .

  I'm still going to use universal +/- language to describe the 5 dimensions. There's no other way to do it as you will notice after reading it .

the 1st dimension is the positive dimension from which all other dimensions are formed. Its 100 percent pure positive source energy as as clear as clear can get . I'm using white because we cant see clear but we can see white in the color spectrum as a whole )

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The Torus ( author )
TROM user since 1997.
Former COS class 4 org Examiner post. 
Sunshine RD Completion.
DCSI and comm course Completions.
Purification RD Comp.
Staff status 2 and emeter course Completions
since 1984. BLOWN and now an SP with $15k of freeloader debt. LOL, felt good too.