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Re: dimensions
« on: July 14, 2021, 11:44:59 pm »
About the creator(s) of this particular universe, at the end of one session with auditor my viewpoint left this universe and I was located above a creator type who was very focused on its universe I had just expanded out from.

That session resolved for me a lot of hatred/self-hatred and some nasty postulates all down the whole track to this lifetime, and desperate attempts to figure it all out so I could once again go universe hopping, lol.

Before that session I kept hitting my head against what I would call a wall of postulates. I'm counting on Dennis' practices to give me more mastery over such instead of kicking up my heels against it.  :)

Well, of course that creator is not the prime creator, but it's a good idea to for the time learn to dance with it  :)

Maybe someday we too can create from postulates our own never-ending playing field of that magnitude. I suspect there is already a hierarchy of universes too.   Dennis did mention universes, and he mentioned it when he talked about the "Super Market Paradox".

There are 5 dimensions total and time is not one of them .

There are no - signs in booleon algebra either.  The negative sign cant be used in boolean algebra. Fact check it . 

Boolean algebra is used to determine if something is either true ( pos ) ( 1 ) or false neg ( 0 ) It can be used to determine unity or its absence but not using - symbols

Its a yes or no statement and calculation

We all know about height width and depth in terms of 3 dimensions and the the 4th is inside the box and the 5th is outside the box.

We can also use the 5 dimensions to demonstrate the spectrum from heaven to hell .

Dennis never mentions our creator and thatch too bad because all goals lead to the goal to know and its our creator who's doing all the knowing who is in the center of the upper vortex of inner earth ( hologram )

Im still in awe of Dennis ability to use games play and L5as a tool to see and make sense out of life. The whole world of heaven and earth reduce into a very small community of SELF AND OTHERS

1 D Pure positive source energy that is transparent and instant fast, uninhabitable by the creator because its total freedom of choice
5 D Nirvana, heaven and the upper vortex of inner earth
3 D earth the 50/50 point
4 D The lower vortex of earth below 3d and its hell
2 D Pure solidity and also uninhabitable by life due to is solid density and its at a dead stop .