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you haven't met our creator yet . If you  had your comment would indicate it and its not doing that,  unfortunately  . Our creator is Nirvana. Pure positive energy of love and knowingness . Serenity of beingness and the 5th dimension . Heaven.

You're missing out . Very sad.

Good luck ! buttercup

Dont give up , remember, atheism is a negative place to be . Its called hell . You dont want to be in the lower dimensions if you can avoid it . Its part of what makes the CO$ an evil empire.

Illuminati are the negative pole of the luminated

compare it to .......logic and ILL logic
They are two poles of the same item like good and evil

If the ILLuminatti are an evil group ,  then the luminated are ipso facto its better half and
 the GOOD group !

I waste far more time on these comments than I should .

Have a fantastic day  !!