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The 6 sides of 5d
« on: June 17, 2021, 11:33:00 pm »
All life and non life forms are derived from the 6 sides of 5 dimensions .

What this means is HWL( height width lenth  plus inside and outside make 5

Front back
Left right
Top bottem are the 6 sides .

We cant taste what we cant smell
We cant speak unless we hear
We cant feel colors or see densities.
Sight and touch
Smell and taste
Speak and hear

The primary colors also apply
Blue green red
Yellow magenta cyan
White is outside
Black is inside

In and out are known to be used in sex .

The 6 sides of our heads are centered on top.

We are all centered in a 360 bubble that is peculiar to each one of us.

Our bodies are centered in the bubble .
We dont move . Everythimg moves around us 360 degrees .

Heres what i mean .

If you take a hot air balloon up as hogh as it will go , you will see sky and land at 50 % each with a definant line between them .

The 50 % split stays constant even at 1 inch high or 50 feet or 1 mile or 50 miles .

Thats the up and down

The other is the vanishing point where things come into and go out of view 8n front of is and behind .

No matter how fast or slow we try to get to or away from the vanishing points , they move with you just like the horizon of land and sky move up and down as we do.

We are stuck in the middle .

Everything around each of us is being. Projected by us and absorbed by our bodies eyes in real time instantly .

There is nothing beyond what we dont see hear taste smell and feel or say.

So .. When we go up , or down forwards or back left or right we always end up where we start . the middle.

Our creator " the father " is in his center and mother earth is his body around him .

All knowing leads to the basic goal to know and the creator who doing all the knowing for us .

Package delivered
Have a nice day

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Re: The 6 sides of 5d
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2021, 11:57:15 pm »


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Re: The 6 sides of 5d
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2021, 01:04:45 am »
Nice, thank you.  Glad you are here :-)


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Re: The 6 sides of 5d
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2021, 07:59:30 pm »
my pleasure , nice to be here.

just need to clarify , the color spectrum as it relates to the 6 sides of 5d and the in and out of black and white .

the black and white may be substituted and referred to as the north and south poles. North means white and black means south of earth

Both are located inside the earth hologram .
All the BS , masking distant fake pandemic is originating from the south pole . Its evil as hell. Its known as hell as well.  The north pole is the place to be ... HEAVENLY ..............Nirvana

Funny you mentioned CHINESE telepathy. I got a HUGE message from tommy cruise of the COS. It was a general broadcast to anyone who receives it . It was as loud and clear as Ive ever experienced since 2010 .  It wasnt directed to me personally .

Make no mistake. The CCP are not your friends. Unless you are on the dark side of life.

Opposites matter................. and are significant . The USA is on the opposite side to China just like the north and south poles are opposites. Not good. but not bad either. But can go in any direction at any time. 

The USA and the CCP are natural born enemies.

Opposites are not just a subjective consideration . They are OBJECTIVE and Tangible.

look at this color spectrum of white to black . These are colors of light , not paints.

black and white are opposites and so are blue yellow,  red and cyan etc etc .

white black

blue yellow

green magenta
red cyan


the 6 sides of 5d can be seen in our body form .

1x1=1   The 1st dimension  ( unity ) 1 side (  The head ) its 100 % + energy ) aka theta ) aka life )
1x2=2    the 2nd  ( duality ) 2 sides  ( the left and right sides of our bodies ) its 50% pos and 50% neg )
1x2x3= 6 = 3rd and the 6 sides of 3d  ( the whole body ) and it has 3 positive sides and 3 negative sides
1x2x3x4x= 24= the 4th . It has 12 unified sides and 12 sides of duality ( The inside. ) 12 + and 12-
1x2x3x4x5 = 120 = the 5th and has 60 unified and 60 duality sides.  ( The outside ) 60 + and 60-

our body has 12 bones on the left half of body and 12 and its right half with our spine in the center between them .

The left and right sides of our bodies are mirrored and separated by the spine cord.

Our arms represent the upper vortex  ( north pole ) and our legs the lower vortex  ( south pole )

Our head is the creator and is centered on top but its actually at the bottem of the upper vortex .

Google  "  happy people " and switch to   ( images. )

The left and right of politics

Liberals are positive and conservatives are their NEG  pole
This contradicts what we are experiencing across the world today .
Conservatives are the positive and liberals its neg pole.  ( i cant explain this ......yet but im working on it. Im pretty sure its a south pole entity using liberals as a vehicle . I just dont know yet . It may be a pole flip too . I experienced a huge pole flip on May 13 2016 which was a FRIDAY :  )  I recall it clearly and there was no mistaking it . Something major flipped polarity poles.

im pretty sure the oppression and suppression from the world GOV's  and people are originating from the south pole.  ( aka hell )

Stay as far north as you can get . ( subjectively ) say hi to rudolph and santa while youre there . They live there and actually exist in " NIRVANA" heaven. hehehe. no really they do .

remember . Solidity is only solid by consideration of the basic law that no two things can exist in the same location of space and time. Thats all there is to solidity . We dont use this rule in our minds in the form of mental image pictures. The solidity is gone but the colors and still present held in place by the electric charge we all have in our bodies .

 when two things collide , they repel away from each other . They are neg
The only " thing" ( and its not a thing yet ) that can occupy the same space in time is life energy aka positve source energy aka theata energy.

In order for anything to be a solid thing it must contain all 5 dimensions because all 5 are dependent upon each other.
Negative matter ABSORBS and generates an illusion of solidity aka " matter " aka importance

Positive energy expands as 1 ( unity )

Negative matter absorbs and becomes more and more solid.  ( Not easy to explain ) ( duality )

unity and duality are two poles of same item and are just as opposite as black and white

. I looked at  "taoisum "  and its mostly wrong. Some consider the negative pole as the origination point but unity is always the orgin of everything . Including duality .

NO negative pole can overwhelm its positive pole ( aka leg )

Positive energy on its own as it relates to time is instant
Its negative pole on its own as it relates to time is at a dead stop and no time is elapsed .
but its positive leg has all of time within it and it all happens instantly .

The color spectrum between white and black, aka blue green red yellow magenta cyan and black at the bottem .

blue is the fastest next to instant and cyan is the slowest next to a dead stop.

we also see the 5 dimensions in clocks as well as the torus vortices of the north and south poles.

we have 12 hours of day and 12 hrs of night

12 moths of daylight and 12 months of darkness.

roman numerals use the X I and V in clocks too.

we have 60 seconds and 60 minutes spaced 5 minutes apart and the 3, 6, 9, and 12 that are all spaced apart by 3s

lastly for today a few crop circles.

6 sides of 3d have 3 positve sides ( unity ) we can see ( pos )
and 3 neg sides  ( that generate duality ) we cant see ( neg )

4d crop formation shows us the 3 inside front corners that equal 12 and 12 more on the back inside we cant see with our eyes .

5d , Notice 60 small boxes ( objective reality ) we can see ( pos pole ) on front 3 sides and there are 60 more behind we cant see  ( they are subjective reality ) Neg pole.

When we are in a box shaped room ( or a round bubble room , makes no difference , the shape doesn't matter ) we can only view the 12 inside corners in front of us objectively and the 12 behind us subjectively . Neither objectivity nor subjectivity can exist without each other just like black can not exist without its white host aka positive energy and solid mater

Matter energy - and + are poles of same item
space and time are + and -  are also poles of same item

space and energy are positive pole
matter and time are their respective negative legs

up and down are pos and neg poles

and the opposite of up and down are left and right also pos and neg poles.

it forms a cross with 4 legs . 2 pos poles and two neg

 unity is always created
duality is always generated

Creation and generation are two poles of same item . Like black and white .

i didnt get this stuff from any-where. Its not true TAOISM because after careful inspection of the TAOISM I realized very fast that it was mostly wrong.  is a corrupted religion.  Its just truth  from an exterior POV.  using  polarity and density .

If there was a level 6,  this would be it . Its both a subjective and objective process that requires attention on the way OUT.

matter is the neg leg of energy and space is the positive leg of time .

2 positives and 2 negs.

you can substitute the word unity for positive energy and the word duality as its neg leg .

I have allot more to be continues asap.

I would not have made it to trom without the COS and did not get to where I am now without the use and completion of level 5 . TROM

Package delivered
Have a nice day  :  )
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Re: The 6 sides of 5d
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2021, 06:56:41 pm »
the 5th dimension is

1x2x3x4x5 = 120 which is 60  positive sides we can see and 60 negative sides we cant see.

4d has 12 sides we see in front and 12 we cant see behind .  Its 1x2x3x4=24

 The bodys fingers have 15 sets of finger bones connected to their 4 hand bones.  The 4 hand bones are not fingers . They are what the fingers attach too,
Each hand and foot = 60 positive sides  on the male side and 60 negative sides on the female half while going in and out having sex.

The in and out of the 4th and 5th dimension is act of in and out sex  between the males and females. There are only 2 types of chromosomes. Male and female. Theres no such thing as a LBGQT   (LGBTQ is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer  ) chromosomes  at all. 

 " in " is the neg leg and out is its pos leg . 

The male is in motion while the female is stationary

The 4th dimension is a female dimension and the 5th is a male dimension.

Males exceed females for this reason

Females have a higher resistance on an Emeter than males . The resistance is resisting positive energy to flow through the body . The more resistance the less positive energy and likewise the less resistance , the more positive energy can flow through it . Its known as density  .Density is neg and pos energy is its positive.

The mind and body are two pole of the same item . The positive energy surrounds the body witch is negative matter.

Very smart high iq whip smart individuals have a low resistance and low iq idiots have a high resistance . This is not to say all females are idiots nor all males are whip smart high IQ'ed. It averages out on both sides so dont panic.

Some females are extremely smart with high IQ's and some males are idiots. Ok ? Its all depends on the resistance of positive energy through bodys neg.


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Re: The 6 sides of 5d
« Reply #5 on: July 08, 2021, 05:25:36 am »
 $cio states:

The resistance of a dead female body is 5,000 ohms and of a dead male body, 12,500 ohms.

Therefore, (if you believe what they say) males are more resistive than females...?


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Re: The 6 sides of 5d
« Reply #6 on: July 11, 2021, 03:02:10 pm »

Emeter resistance  " SETTING " use different resistance for male and females.  The only things that make males/females different are their chromosomes. There are only 2 kinds. male and female.

Resisters can and are only used in parallel ( side by side )  or inline  ( end to end ) . There isn't a 3rd way .

If resistors are used in parallel, they reduce resistance and if used inline , they generate more resistance.

 RESISTANCE is determined by the density of which energy can pass through it .

No density means zero resistance . Solid density means absolute resistance.

white has zero density and its total freedom of choice. Its life energy and NIRVANA in its pure state of being. Its flat . Its  ABSOLUTE FLAT. Theta.

black is absolutely 360 round and as solid as solid can get . You have no choice.

Its also as cold as cold can get . Black is at the far end of extreme negative as you can go .

The flatness of white is the 1st dimension of all existence. Multiplied 6 times at 90 degree right and left angles = 360 spherical. AKA the grand illusion of globular EARTH .

Not ONLY is earth flat . Its not moving .

Not only is it not moving . Its non existent until you see hear smell taste or fell some of it in some way with your mind and body .  Its a simple holographic series of images ( like the images in our minds ) but with an added rule that no two things can be in the same place in the same space and time. Its a law and all laws are negative. They are generated as a means to stop.

The ONLY things that exist in present time are those things that we see hear taste smell and feel at any given point of time . They are all being projected by us in real time onto a flat white screen that " objectively only appears to be curved 180 degrees in front of us and subjectively assumed to be 180 degrees \ curved behind us ( which is doenst ) Even events of our past ONLY exist in present time when we feel and or see them . We need not see any images to feel them . Only the feeling of them are needed to timebreak them into vanishment. All that will remain will be the visual and no mental mass once vanished.

We bring everything into existence in a instant and we vanish them just as fast. Faster than we perceive them at 60 positive and 60 negative frames per second.

We see positive frames per second but not the neg space between them which are also equal to 60 .

Anything faster goes  "  unseen " and anything unseen is not known .

all vanishing points are at the center of the X ,  aka the torus. No matter what direction we face nor how high or how low we stand. We ALWAYS face the center of an X 360 degrees around us either objectively or subjectively.  inwards is Neg and outwards is pos flow.

Stay tuned in because im going to show you how to put your hand arm through the colors of the solid hologram and not feel the solidity . Its a way to break the rules and see the absolute flatness colors of the white screen you are projecting your images onto in real time every moment of every day . 1st hand experience is always the best way .



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Re: The 6 sides of 5d
« Reply #7 on: July 11, 2021, 03:09:19 pm »

thanks for the reply, not really getting the message - 12,500 Ohms for a Male is a Greater Resistance than 5,000 Ohms for a Female - using resistors in series or parallel has a marked influence on the current travelling through the resistor - though this has nothing to do with your comment on Females having more resistance than Males... surely 12,500 > 5,000?


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Re: The 6 sides of 5d
« Reply #8 on: July 11, 2021, 06:58:15 pm »

Notice this computer version at its center . Its absence of all color. Its clear . TRANS Parent.  The colors we can see are blue green red yellow magenta and cyan and black .

The transparent color is know as pure positive energy . Its created energy while colors represent Generated matter. Almost everything we see hear taste smell and feel are GENERATED . This computer model cant generate positive energy but its as close to an objective real life model as you can get.

Postulates are CREATED and are a causative consideration . Its singular but its effects can be positive or negative.

White in its pure form is unity and in boolean algebra = 1 or true
Black in boolean algebra equals 0 or false

the colors between them ( true false ) = somewhat true towards somewhat false.

We can clearly see white clouds , blue sky's green fields and trees and the red lava seeping above in both objective and subjective reality .. The top 4 positive colors of the hologram . White blue green and red.