Author Topic: How to see the flatness of the holographic screen in real time 1st hand exp.  (Read 155 times)


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did you try it  ?

Are you sure its not a Jedi mind trick rather than an Illuminati  ?
Sounds like an arbitrary opinion.

Is it the rabbit in you making your legs run again   ?  Dang rabbits.

So many possibilities.

Try  : what crimes have I committed on humanity?  What crimes have others committed on humanity ? and use as many flows,  in as many directions,  as you can imagine.  No vibrators this time . 

Please Note : Trom will NOT produce any significant results for half of us . It WILL produce results for the other half . Its a law of physics and a spectrum of succeed and failure. Its pretty clear which half you reside on.

ITROM works very well for me and very fast,  while it does nothing for others I know. They just dont get it and they never will .  In their frustration they blame those who achieve good results and hold us responsible for their misery . I see it all the time across all social media platforms.  I use it as an indicator and measure to my success and well being. You should too.

With that said , I say,  thanks colleen. I welcome all of your comments.

Have a fantastic day !!!