Author Topic: Notes on running "To Eat"  (Read 174 times)


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Notes on running "To Eat"
« on: July 28, 2014, 10:50:53 pm »
Before I can run this package on others it should be run on me.   Some session notes: 

I'm discovering that eating is not necessarily a thetan amusement park; running out aesthetic hang-ups; sensations examined more closely; IP states re eating encountered and discharged.  Unwinding to eat and to love.  Judicious use of repeater tech for statements that come from the mind.

Eating processed combined foods can be confusing to body perceptics because body perceptics can pick up on non-optimum components of the food.

If you look at the tropical ape, his environment is an amusement park of all sorts of flavors and textures and colors of fruits, nuts, seeds, tubers, etc.

Incident contained cream of wheat, margarine, brown sugar, mother.    Mother love got flattened first, then the brown sugar, then the cream of wheat, then the margarine.  Did repeater tech on "I deserve it" re brown sugar, until the compulsion died off.  The attraction/aversion to the cream of wheat was looked at.

Ended session doing 6-directions on the scene.

Feel less compulsion for dark brown sugar, more blase about it.  Can't currently find anymore charge in the incident.