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Notice this computer version at its center . Its absence of all color. Its clear . TRANS Parent.  The colors we can see are blue green red yellow magenta and cyan and black .

The transparent color is know as pure positive energy . Its created energy while colors represent Generated matter. Almost everything we see hear taste smell and feel are GENERATED . This computer model cant generate positive energy but its as close to an objective real life model as you can get.

Postulates are CREATED and are a causative consideration . Its singular but its effects can be positive or negative.

White in its pure form is unity and in boolean algebra = 1 or true
Black in boolean algebra equals 0 or false

the colors between them ( true false ) = somewhat true towards somewhat false.

We can clearly see white clouds , blue sky's green fields and trees and the red lava seeping above in both objective and subjective reality .. The top 4 positive colors of the hologram . White blue green and red.